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Swordfish Documentation: Running Swordfish Tooling System Tests

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System Tests Using SWTBot

Swordfish tooling uses SWTBot for system tests. This page describes the prerequisites and detailed steps to run system tests for Swordfish tooling.


  • Eclipse 3.5
  • Source files of Swordfish tooling in your workspace

Running System Tests

  1. Use a clean Eclipse installation.
  2. Install SWTBot from org.eclipse.swordfish.third-parties. To install using Eclipse point to {workspace}/swordfish-tooling/org.eclipse.swordfish.third-parties/swtbot/eclipse.
  3. Copy the files in the plug-in folders of orbit and pde.test.util to your Eclipse plug-in folder.
  4. Reload the target platform.
  5. Clean and build the project.
  6. Right-click on the file AllTests.java and click Run as SWTBot test.

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