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Swordfish Documentation: Product Backlog


Swordfish Product Backlog

Backlog Item Team estimate in story points Status
Policy matching service resolver 8 in progress
JAX-WS Service integration with ODE 5 in progress
GIT Repository for Swordfish 3 in progress
Tools: Delivery of Swordfish as target platform 3 in progress
Tools: CXF Swordfish bundle 5 in progress
Tools: Run CXF Swordfish bundle 5 in progress
ToolS: Export CXF Swordfish bundle 1 in Progress
Service Registry: Administration Interface 5 in progress
Make the Swordfish run from Eclipse 5 in progress
Source repository accessible for developers #269440 3 in progress
Replace Swordfish dependency for Equinox version from Ganymede to Galileo #269441 2 in progress
Add central sentinel test to check if platform can be started correctly #269443 1 in progress
Change ODE version from 1.2 to 2.1 1 in progress
Tools: PDE Build for tooling features/plugins 13 in progress
Tools: Automated end2end testing concept/POC 13 in progress
Remove references to org.apache.servicemix from org.eclipse.swordfish.core.configuration (we only need a StaX implementation here... e.g. wstx) #269444 open
Set up new build system based on headless PDE build #269450 open
Build for Galileo release: Eclipse Features 8 open
Split org.eclipse.swordfish.core.util in two modules #269445 open
Remove references to servicemix from public api (org.eclipse.swordfish.api.context.SwordfishContext.getEndpointRegistry()) #269447 3 open
Add tests to check for duplicate registrations of endpoints #269448 open
Modules org.eclipse.swordfish.core.*, org.eclipse.swordfish.plugins,

org.eclipse.swordfish.registry should implement interfaces specified by separate API modules. #266482

Revise bundle dependencies: #269449 open
Spring definitions should follow the recommendations of Spring DM (separate pure Spring

definitions from Spring OSGi definitions). #269451

Make the CXF integration looks like CXF standalone #269452 open
Tools: Create CXF Bundle Fragment for new Plugin Wizard 5 open
Agent for retrieval of OSGi configurations 2 open
Tools: Code generation based on JAX-WS reference implementation open
Tools: Wizard for Swordfish Service Project open
Tools: Package Swordfish Service open
Tools: Deployment wizard for JAX-WS services open
Tools: Service Browser (for BPEL Editor) open
Tools: Deployment wizard for BPEL processes open
Integrate Apache CXF 5 done
Integrate ODE 2.0 Beta into Servicemix 4 3 done
Logging Event Sink 1 done
Service Registry REST interface: Prototype for lookup 3 done
ToolS: Export CXF Swordfish bundle 1 done

We have defined generic feature completeness criteria and common definition of done which is applied to Swordfish commits in general.

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