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Swordfish Documentation: Product Backlog


Swordfish Product Backlog

  • Integrate Apache CXF
  • Integrate ODE 2.0 Beta into Servicemix 4
  • JaxWS Service integration with ODE
  • Service Registry REST interface: Prototype for lookup
  • Logging Event Sink
  • Tools: Code generation based on JAX-WS reference implementation
  • Build for Galileo release: Eclipse Features
  • Agent for retrieval of OSGi configurations
  • Tools: Wizard for Swordfish Service Project
  • Tools: Package Swordfish Service
  • Tools: Deployment wizard for JAX-WS services
  • Service Registry: Admin Interface
  • Policy matching service resolver
  • Deployment wizard for BPEL processes
  • Service Browser (for BPEL Editor)

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