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Swordfish Documentation: Galileo Sprint4

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Duration:06.04.2009 – 29.04.2009

Sprint Goals

ToolSuite: Simplify service development within integrated Swordfish-based tooling
Runtime Team: PDE build for Galileo release

Tooling Team

1. Cleanup left-over tasks from previous sprint (Continuos Integration)

2. Integrate Swordfish into Tooling. Adjust existing system tests accordingly (see BI#4).

3. DITA help generation integrated into the PDE Build

4. As a Service Developer I would like to use a predefined Plugin project template to get a running Swordfish service quickly.

5. As a Service Developer I would like to use an Eclipse integrated help and guidance features so that I can be up and running in no time.(Getting Started)

6. As a Service Developer I would like to create a Swordfish-CXF service descriptor using the Eclipse Wizard so that I can start developing services the way I used to in Eclipse.

7. As a Service Developer I would like to edit a existing Swordfish-CXF service descriptor so that I can add/modify/delete my services declaration without prior Spring knowledge. (+Unit testing concept)

8. As a Service Developer I would like to view and save WSDL of my newly developed JAS-WS service deployed in Swordifsh so that I can use it for testing. ( S075)

9. As a Service Developer I would like to get a support in creating a client for my JAX-WS service so that I can test my newly developed service.

Runtime Team

1. Separate API and implementation, make components pluggable.

2. Change ODE version from 1.2 to 2.0 Beta.

3. PDE Build for Galileo release.

4. Create projects for 3rd party jar files.

5. Make PDE build use the nre 3rd party projects.

Demo Scope

1. Execute headless PDE build based on labelled version in repository

2. Show the created artifacts (plugins, features, update site)

3. Show excution of Unit tests during PDE build

4. Demonstrate that projects can be built in the IDE without Maven

5. (optional) Show execution of Integration tests durcing PDE build

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