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Swordfish Documentation: Galileo Sprint2

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Sprint Goals

Duration: Mon 09.03- Thu 19.03

Team 1

  1. Integrate SR proxy into service resolving interceptor
  2. Policy matching service resolver
  3. JAX-WS Service integration with ODE
  4. Service Registry: Admin Interface

Team 2

  1. Installer: Update Site for runtime and tools
  2. Setup Swordfish target platform
  3. JAX-WS service: create/compile
  4. JAX-WS service: run bundle
  5. JAX-WS service: export JAX-WS bundle as JAR

Demo Scope

Team 1

Generally the Demo should focus on steps which are anyway required to run for the EclipseCon presentations.

Integrate SR proxy into service resolving interceptor

  • Feature is complete: Install: Separate Plugin/OSGi bundle for service resolving interceptor. Tool based deployment is not yet required. Start/Control: Is automatically started on participant start, no separate control required. Brief documentation that it integrates

Show that service resolution takes place during start of a JAX-WS Service Consumer.

  • Demo failing Consumer startup, caused by failed lookup, because service provider is missing in Service Registry.
  • Demo successful start and show in log that lok-up was art of consumer start.

Policy matching service resolver

  • Feature is complete: Installation Feature is Separate Plugin/OSGi Bundle. Brief Documentation is available (see below), An example Policy assertion for the Swordfish flight booking example shall be provided.
  • Demonstrate a Service Lookup, where out of 2 Services matching based on WSDL only one Service is matching based on the policy. Show the agreed policy. As we decided to have the policy integrated into the WSDL, the only difference between the 2 WSDL's shall be the policy.
  • Demonstrate a failed Service Lookup because on non matching policies. Show the corresponding Error message.
  • Integration Tests shall cover all possible parameter values of the policies.
  • Documentation on the matching process and example policy assertions shall be provided in the Swordfish Documentation Wiki.

JAX-WS Service integration with ODE

  • Feature is complete: Install (proposal): Separate Plugin/OSGi bundle(s) for ODE JAX-WS Integration. Documentation in Eclipse Wiki. Example (proposal): Integration with flight booking example.
  • Demonstrate a BPEL process where JaxWS Service Consumer running in Swordfish initiates a BPEL step.
  • Demonstrate a BPEL process where JaxWS Service Provider running in Swordfish is invoked from a BPEL step.

Service Registry: Admin Interface

  • Feature is complete: Start/RunControl and Documentation Criteria shall be fulfilled. Examples are not required for this feature.
  • Demonstrate all operations listed above
  • Demonstrate a failed retrieval of a WSDL
  • Demonstrate a failed publish because of wrong references. Fix the reference, upload and publish successfully.
  • Demonstrate a lookup of a published service
  • Show successful integration test results including negative tests for the programmatic interface.

Team 2

Installer: Update Site for runtime and tools

Demo how a service developer can install swordfish in his eclipse.

Setup Swordfish target platform

Demo how a service developer can set swordfish as a target platform for his plugins.

JAX-WS service: create/compile

Demo how a service developer can write a JAX-WS Service using Eclipse and compile it.

JAX-WS service: run bundle

Demo how a swordfish developer can run a CXF Swordfish Bundle in Eclipse:

  • Show how JAX-WS Provider can be started.
  • Show which parameters can be entered for a service call on consumer side. (TBD, depends on runtime progress)
  • Run a Request-Response service call, demo how to see outgoing and received message. (TBD, depends on runtime progress)

JAX-WS service: export JAX-WS bundle as JAR

As a Swordfish Developer I would like to export my CXF Swordfish bundle as JAR file.

Feature Completeness

Demo that features are complete complete:

  • Installation: The toolset required for the tasks above can be installed as Eclipse Plugin(s).
  • Deployment: (to be discussed): Does the setting of the target platform also apply to the tool itself?
  • Start/Run/Control: All execution steps of the user stories above can be run from Eclipse.
  • Documentation: Documentation shall be provided for all user stories above in the Swordfish Wiki. Is Eclipsehelp feasible also?
  • Examples: demo that the toolsa can be applied to the Swordfish flight booking example.


  • Show the Unit Test Coverage Reports on the Maven Site for the Swordfish projects. Expectation: All New Projects have 80% line- and branch coverage.

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