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Swordfish Documentation: Feature Completenes Definition

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Feature Completeness

The following criteria shall be the default conditions of satisfaction regarding completeness of a feature. For each feature any deviation from these criteria shall be explicitly decided during the sprint planning.


  • The Function is available as an Eclipse Feature (either as new Bundle or included into an Existing Feature, based on the Eclipse Feature Bundle definition)
  • The Feature is available on the Update Site of Eclipse
  • In case the installation is different from Standard Eclipse Features or Plugins documentation of the necessary steps is required.


Deployment of Swordfish components (OSGi Bundles) itself is a feature of swordfish. As soon as this is working the following requirement becomes valid for feature completeness:

  • The Feature can be deployed using the Swordfish Deployment Tool.
  • OSGi Bundles already deployed in the same Target are not negatively affected by the additional deployed function.
  • In case after using the deployment tool there are any additional steps required, these need to be documented.


  • It is required that each new Function/Feature can be controlled by the user with usual eclipse methods. Control means: start, run, activate, stop. This can be fulfilled by providing a new control function or integrating it, by extending an existing control function.
  • The control options are documented.


  • Initial Documentation shall be provided on the Swordfish Documentation Wiki
  • All Examples, Control functions and Tools shall be documented as Eclipse Help.


  • For each Function which can be directly accessed by a user an example shall be provided.
  • The example shall have a control function and shall be documented in Eclipse Help.
  • Each function which is relevant for application developers shall be covered in a tutorial, i.e. the programmatic interface.
  • Cheat sheets should be considered where useful.

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