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Swordfish:Project Rules


Swordfish is developed using the scrum method.

Common definition of "Done"

We have a first draft Common definition of "Done" to be discussed.

Documentation Rules

  • After creating new content in the Swordfish Wiki, contact the documentation folks to link your page appropriately.
  • Ensure that you add a link back to the Swordfish Wiki Home at the end of every page.

Internal IP Compliance Guidelines

The Eclipse Legal Process guidelines provide all Swordfish team members with all the information required on the subject of IP compliance. Here are a few links on the Eclipse IP Legal Process

There is also an audio presentation worth listening to you at: [Campbell, Legal Counsel & Manager, IP]

In addition to this, in our team we have a short process work flow that all team members can use as a frame of reference. IP Compliance Work flow in Swordfish

NOTE: This is a draft process guideline. It will be subject to review and improvement throughout the project life-cycle.

Release Checklist

Here is a list of the tasks that should be done on the last day of each sprint.

  1. Check that the [Swordfish Tooling] build is fine in cruise control and that the [System Test]system tests are completed.
  2. Create a tag.
  3. Check out the tag into an empty directory.
  4. Run the Swordfish Tooling build and the system test build.
  5. Execute manual tests.

These manual tests must be completed:

  1. Install the Target Platform
  2. Install BPEL Designer
  3. Check that the BPEL project and the BPEL process files are created without errors.
  4. Check the Eclipse IDE Welcome page
  • Overview page; click Swordfishand make sure that link refers to Swordfish Help
  • Tutorial page; click on the link and check that it takes you to the Swordfish Cheat Sheets
  • Samples page; click on the link and check that it takes you the BPEL sample.
  1. Run JAX-WS project.
  2. Check Swordfish Eclipse Help.
  3. Check JAX-WS wizard's context sensitive help.

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