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Swordfish:Project Rules

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Swordfish is developed using the scrum method.

Common definition of "Done"

We have a first draft Common definition of "Done" to be discussed.

Documentation Rules

  • After creating new content in the Swordfish Wiki, contact the documentation folks to link your page appropriately.
  • Ensure that you add a link back to the Swordfish Wiki Home at the end of every page.

Release Checklist

Here is a list of the tasks that should be done on the last day of each sprint.

  1. Check that the [Swordfish Tooling] build is fine in cruise control and that the [System Test]system tests are completed.
  2. Create a tag.
  3. Check out the tag into an empty directory.
  4. Run the Swordfish Tooling build and the system test build.
  5. Execute manual tests.
  6. These manual tests must be completed:

    1. Install the Target Platform
    2. Install BPEL Designer
    3. Check that the BPEL project and the BPEL process files are created without errors.
    4. Check the Eclipse IDE Welcome page
      • Overview page; click Swordfishand make sure that link refers to Swordfish Help
      • Tutorial page; click on the link and check that it takes you to the Swordfish Cheat Sheets
      • Samples page; click on the link and check that it takes you the BPEL sample.
    5. Run JAX-WS project.
    6. Check Swordfish Eclipse Help.
    7. Browse through the Swordfish Eclipse Help contents.

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