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Swordfish:Project Rules


Swordfish is developed using the scrum method.

Common definition of "Done"

We have a first draft Common definition of "Done" to be discussed.

Documentation Rules

  • After creating new content in the Swordfish Wiki, contact the documentation folks to link your page appropriately.
  • Ensure that you add a link back to the Swordfish Wiki Home at the end of every page.

Release Checklist

Here is a list of the tasks that should be done on the last day of each sprint.

  • Check that the [CruiseControl] build is fine and that the system tests are ok.
  • Create a tag.
  • Check out the tag into an empty directory.
  • Run the Swordfish Tooling build and the

1. Check that CruiseControl build is fine, as well as system tests were ok. 2. Make a tag. 3. Checkout tag into empty directory. 4. Run tooling build, run systemtest build. Ensure builds are passed. 5. Execute Manual tests.

List of the Manual tests.

1. Installing Target Platform 2. Installing BPEL Designer. 3. Check that BPEL project and BPEL process file are created without errors. 4. Check Welcome page:

- Overview page; click Swordfish link and make sure that link refers to Swordfish Help
- Tutorial page; click Swordfish links and make sure that links refer to Swordfish Cheatsheets
- Samples page; click Swordfish link and make sure that link refers to BPEL Sample

5. Run JAX-WS project. 6. Check Swordfish Eclipse Help. 7. Check context help for JAX-WS wizard.


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