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(Where to start)
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Where to start

  1. Open a bugreport in m2e bugzilla with "[catalog] your extension name" in the subject.
  2. In the bugreport please provide the following information about your m2e extension. Use this XML descriptor format, in other words, we'd like to be able to paste provided entry information directly to the descriptor. For updates to existing entries, please provide diffs we can apply with patch or git.
    • name, description and summary (don't ask what's the difference between the last two)
    • license and provider information
    • p2 repository and installable unit information of the extension (see below)
    • sample project and steps to see your extension in action
    • optionally, url of the extension source repository.

Existing submissions are listed in this XML descriptor

Maven repositories

Due to bug 346830, support for resolving m2e marketplace catalog entries from Maven repositories has been disabled.

P2 repositories

For m2e extensions published in p2 repositories we need information about p2 repository url, installable unit id of the feature or bundle to be installed and installable unit id of a bundle that contains lifecycle-mapping-metadata.xml

Make sure extension's installable unit contains applicable license information. In practical terms, this means extension must have feature.xml files with <license/> element.

It is assumed that contents of provided p2 repository will not change in the future unless corresponding m2e marketplace catalog entry is removed or amended.

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