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StatET/R Console


Error Log Console

If the start of the R console fails or an error occurs while using the console, you can enable the additional error log console:

  1. Open the launch configuration of the R console
  2. In the tab "Common", enable "Allocate console"/"Allocate additional Error Log Consoles"

Statet r-console configure error-log.png

You get one or two additional console pages in the Console view showing debug information.

Error File 'hs_err_pid'

If a Java-based R console crashes, it usually generates a text file with information about error and the last state of the process. Most common VM name the file hs_err_pid*, search for this file. Sometimes there is also a reference to the file printed to the Error Log Console.

If you cannot find the file, check the documentation of your Java VM how to enable generation of error files and what is the name of the file.

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