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Stardust/Source Code

Stardust Source Code Access

Currently the publishing of the source code is still in progress. A couple of steps need to be completed before it can be published in the eclipse code repository and the team is very committed to completing those asap. Some example are:

  • The products libraries have to be reviewed for license conflicts (completed)
  • Dependencies that do not comply with the Eclipe Public License (EPL) have to be replaced in the source code (completed)
  • The source has to be submitted to the Eclipse foundation where it is reviewed with regards to intellectual property rights and licensing (in progress)
  • The source needs to be refactored. All package names have to be change to the new eclipse package names before to code is allowed to go into the repository (in progress)

Please check the project website regularly if you want to stay updated on the progress.

You may also want to subscribe to the Stardust Developer mailing list to be notified when the source is completely submitted to the eclipse repository.

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