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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Java API/Queries/Partitions

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Listing the Partitions in a multi-partition Audit Trail

A partition is a logical separation in the audit trail database used to support multi-tenancy. In this context the term does not refer to a database partition.

(Versions: 7.0.0)
This example uses undocumented API (ForkingServiceFactory and IJobManager) to get a list of the partitions in an audit trail.

public List<String> listPartitions() 
    ForkingServiceFactory factory = (ForkingServiceFactory) Parameters.instance().get(
    IJobManager jobManager = factory.getJobManager();
    if (null!= jobManager)
       final List<String> result = newArrayList();
         jobManager.performSynchronousJob(new Procedure<Void>()
          protected void invoke()
             for (Iterator<IAuditTrailPartition> i = AuditTrailPartitionBean.findAll(); i.hasNext(); )
                IAuditTrailPartition partition =;
         return result;
       trace.warn("Not able to list partitions, the component is not fully configured.");
         return emptyList();

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