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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Integration/Events/Trigger Types

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Depending on the trigger type the trigger message may be parameterized with additional data. Such trigger parameters are provided at runtime in form of access points allowing for parameter mappings. Parameter mappings may be used to initialize workflow data of the triggered process instance and are configured in the Parameter Mapping panel of the triggers properties dialog. Please refer to the specific trigger type section in this chapter to obtain a detailed description on how to set up the parameter mappings accordingly.

  • Manual Trigger
  • Timer Based Trigger
  • JMS Trigger
  • Mail Trigger 

Manual Trigger

Open the Properties dialog of a created Manual Trigger to change its properties. There you can choose a participant from the list of the Manual Trigger pane.


Another possibility to assign a participant to a manual trigger is to connect the participant via transition to the trigger in the diagram:

  • In the diagram toolbar palette select Connect.
  • Select the participant.
  • Select the manual trigger


Now the participant is entered in the Manual Trigger Participants section in the triggers model property page.

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