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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Infrastructure System Administration Maintenance/Archiving

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Archiving or deleting Audit Trail Contents using the Sysconsole

Regular archiving should be done periodically using the sysconsole command line tool. There is a 'nobackup' parameter that will delete the audit trail contents instead of archiving it to an archive schema.

When archiving big audit trails or complex, big process hierarchies pay special attention to the batchSize parameter. You may have to use a smaller batch size so the operation can be performed within the configured transaction timeout.

Please refer to the sysconsole documentation for details.

Deleting Process Instances using SQL

If the audit trail has grown to a significant size and the old data should be delete and not archived, then SQL will do the job faster than the sysconsole archive command.

The required scripts can be downloaded from the maven repository (

Choose the artefact that matches your Stardust version.


For example for version 6.0.4 dowload:

Then follow the instructions in the contained create-ipp_tools.sql file.

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