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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Getting Started/Installation

Installation Alternatives

Installation of Stardust is performed by installing the corresponding Stardust Features and their required dependencies. These Eclipse Features include the

  • Process Modeller,
  • the Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment and the
  • Report Designer Extension.

You have several options to add the Stardust - Eclipse Process Manager Features and their dependencies to your Eclipse environment:

  • Online Eclipse update site - This is a good choice if you:
    - don't know what to choose
    - have a reliable, fast internet connection
    - only want to install on a single PC / environment
    - want to check for updates frequently and intend to update to the latest and greatest version frequently
  • Local Eclipse update site - This is a good choice if you:
    - have a not so fast and reliable internet connection
    - have an internet connection with high latency / response times
    - want to install on multiple PCs / environments
    - are going to check for updates less frequently or not via the built-in update mechanism
    - may not always upgrade to the latest patch release
  • Install features as drop-ins - This is a good choice if you:
    - know what you are doing
    - are sure that you have the right Eclipse version with all required dependencies installed
    - are familiar enough with the eclipse plug-in mechanism and know how to install missing dependencies if needed
    - rather perform some steps in the file system than walk through the dialogs of the (local) Eclipse update site installation
    - want to separate the new features from you Eclipse installation on file system level
    - want to automate the installation for multiple environments

To get an installable version of Stardust - Eclipse Process Manager you have two options

Build Stardust from Source Code

If you like to build Stardust, please download the source code and build Stardust as described here.

Install Stardust 

You can install and try our latest Kepler milestone here.

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