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Stardust/Enhancing and Embedding Stardust/Browser Modeler/Using the Browser Modeler from Orion

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The Reference Implementation of the Stardust Browser Modeler (Lightdust) provides an integration with Orion to manage BPMN2 and XPDL Process Models via Orion.

Orion Plug-In

The Lightdust Orion Plug-In implements the following Service Providers:

Provider ID Purpose
orion.edit.editor lightdust.editor Lightdust Editor
orion.core.contenttype N/A Content Types for XPDL and BPMN.
orion.navigate.openWith N/A Directive to open files with Content Types for XPDL and BPMN above with lightdust.editor.
orion.navigate.content lightdust.content.bpmn Navigation entry to create a BPMN Process Model.
orion.navigate.content lightdust.content.xpdl Navigation entry to create an XPDL Process Model.

Security Aspects

Deployment on Orion Hub

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