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This page is for developers of tools based on Sphinx. It aims at providing a procedure to get Sphinx for this purpose. People who want to get Sphinx sources to modify it may read this page.

Getting the last build

Builds are periodically performed. The last successful build can be downloaded from this page:

Other builds are also available here:

Once downloaded, unzip the archive file in an empty directory. Then unjar each feature file that is contained in the features subdirectory.

Getting the last update contents

The previous download sites also offers an up-to-date archive file that consists in the contents of an update site. This file is called This file is perfect for people who develop tools based on Sphinx but do not modify Sphinx itself. Indeed, it can be used in a target definition, as explained below.

Suppose that your project uses the plug-in org.eclipse.sphinx.emf.explorer. You need to add Sphinx in your target platform to build your project.

  • Create a project called contribs in your workspace and copy the Sphinx update archive there. This archive is called in this example;
  • Edit your target definition file and add the following lines:
<location includeAllPlatforms="false" includeMode="planner" includeSource="true" type="InstallableUnit">
  <unit id="org.eclipse.sphinx.emf" version=""/>
  <unit id="org.eclipse.sphinx.emf.explorer" version=""/>
  <repository location="jar:file:/${workspace_loc}/contribs/!/"/>
  • Set this file as target platform.

Getting Sphinx through an update site

An update site for Sphinx is now available. Its address is:

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