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Welcome to the Sphinx Wiki page. Sphinx is an integrated modeling tool platform that eases the development of IDE-like tool support for modeling languages used in software and systems development.

Developer Resources

This section links to resources targeted to developers of Sphinx, i.e, committers and contributors who want to help developing the Sphinx platform itself.

Development Environment Setup Setup of an Eclipse environment for developing Sphinx.
Development Guidelines Guidelines for Sphinx developers. Please read before committing code!
Committers & Contributors List of Sphinx Committers and Contributors, present and past.
Developer Mailing List Mailing list for developer questions and discussions:
Planning Planning information for next Sphinx release.
Open Bugs Current list of Sphinx bugs - or, Open a new bug for Sphinx
Builds Inspect builds of Sphinx at Eclipse Hudson and download resulting artifacts.
IP Log IP Log for modeling.mdt.sphinx.

User Information

This section links to information destinated to users of Sphinx, i.e, adopters who want to use the Sphinx platform to build modeling tools or applications upon it.

Download Getting Sphinx via download or update sites.
Adopter Environment Setup Setup of an Eclipse environment with Sphinx and use of target definitions for developing modeling tools or applications.
Architecture An overview of the principal Sphinx capabilities, architecture and PDE features.
Presentation Articles, screencasts and presentations about Sphinx and related topics.
Tutorials Tutorials about Sphinx.
FAQ Frequently asked questions about Sphinx.

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