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(Higgins-based Solutions)
(Higgins-based Solutions)
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== Higgins-based  Solutions ==
This section lists solutions developed external to the Higgins project, but that are based on Higgins [[Components]] and code.
* [ Azigo Selector] - (commercial, packaged for Win and OSX)
* [[Bandit STS/IdP Solution]] - STS IdP (also open source)
* [ Eclipse ALF Project]
* [ IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager 6.2]
* [ Novell DigitalMe for Linux/Mac] - Identity Selectors based on the Higgins [[GTK and Cocoa Selector]] (also open source)
* [ Serena Business Mashups ]
* [ SOPERA 3.2] - STS
[[Category:Higgins Solutions]]
[[Category:Higgins Solutions]]

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Version 1.0

  • This page describes the solutions available with the Higgins 1.0 release.
  • For solutions under development as part of Higgins 1.1 see Solutions 1.1
  • A Solution is a specific combination of Higgins Components that, when assembled and deployed, result in either an infrastructure-level service, or an end-user application.

Higgins Developed & Supported Solutions

This section describes the solutions developed by the Higgins team. There are solutions at three different levels:


These flavors of selector are available:

  • GTK and Cocoa Selector - for Firefox (or other applications) on Linux, FreeBSD and OSX (client-based native code app)
  • RCP Selector - an Eclipse RCP Application (client-based Java app; requires JRE 1.4 or higher)
  • Firefox-Embedded Selector - for Firefox on Windows, Linux, and OSX (Requires hosted I-Card Service Component)

Identity Services

Identity Provider web services:

  • STS IdP - WS-Trust Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
  • SAML2 IdP - SAML2 Identity Provider (webapp and web service)

Relying Party website:


Identity Attribute Service

This solution is currently a local java component.

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