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Latest Milestones

  • 0.0.0.M0 → initial contribution
  • 0.0.0.M1 → additional plexus support
  • 0.0.0.M2 → Plexus configurator work
  • 0.0.0.M2a → minor regression fixes
  • 0.0.0.M3 → API refactoring and cleanup
  • 0.0.0.M4 → Sisu extension support

Staging Process

Scripts are available to prepare and stage Sisu milestones:

sh bin/prepare_milestone.sh 5

GPG_KEYNAME=mcculls@gmail.com sh bin/perform_milestone.sh 5 "various fixes"

git push --tags  # only push tags once you're happy with the staged milestone

Note: Sisu is still incubating so all versions must start with 0.