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* 2013-12-16: [[Sirius/1.0.0M4|Sirius 1.0.0M4]] released.
* 2013-12-16: [[Sirius/1.0.0M4|Sirius 1.0.0M4]] released.
* 2013-12-11: [[Sirius/0.9.0|Sirius 0.9.0]] released.
* 2013-12-11: [[Sirius/0.9.0|Sirius 0.9.0]] released.
* 2013-11-19: '''IMPORTANT NOTICE''': A major bug is present in the version of Sirius bundled with Luna M3: if you install it on Luna the resulting Eclipse will fail to restart. See [ this message] for more details. The bug is now fixed and the version in [ our nightly repo] and in [ the Luna staging repo] are safe to install.
* 2013-10-28: Part of the Sirius team was present at [ EclipseCon Europe 2013], with a booth, several talks, and a BoF session:
** [ Turning Eclipse into an Arduino programming platform for kids] (Tuesday 15:00-15:35)
** [ Sirius: Changing the Game of Systems Architecture] (Wednesday 14:30-15:05)
** [ Sirius By Example: Build Your Own Diagram, Table and Tree Editors in 20 Minutes] (Wednesday 16:15-16:50 )
** [ EcoreTools 2.0: The Making-Of] (Wednesday 17:00-17:35)
* 2013-10-25: Sirius 0.9 [ nightly builds] are [ now] part of the [ Luna aggregation].
See also [[Sirius/History]] for older news.
See also [[Sirius/History]] for older news.

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Welcome to the Sirius project's community wiki.

From the project page:

Sirius enables the specification of a modeling workbench in terms of graphical, table or tree editors with validation rules and actions using declarative descriptions. All shape characteristics and behaviors can be easily configured with a minimum technical knowledge. This description is dynamically interpreted to materialize the workbench within the Eclipse IDE. No code generation is involved, the specifier of the workbench can have instant feedback while adapting the description. Once completed, the modeling workbench can be deployed as a standard Eclipse plugin. Thanks to this short feedback loop a workbench or its specialization can be created in a matter of hours.

Sirius was demoed at EclipseCon France 2013. You can see the slides of the presentation we made there here.

You can install Sirius using any of the update-sites listed here.


See also Sirius/History for older news.

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