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Simultaneous Release Roles/EMO

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Please note that this page is under construction. Please email Anne with any questions.

Eclipse Simultaneous Release: What the EMO Does

For Galileo, EMO = Wayne and Anne

Release Logistics

  • Determines timeline for Release activities
  • Creates list of participating projects
  • Determines if each project has met the criteria for participation in the Simultaneous Release
  • Communicates review date
  • Communicates review deadlines
    • Docuware submission deadline
    • IP Log submission deadline
  • Reviews draft docuware and works with project teams to finalize
  • Uploads final docuware (reformatting as necessary)
  • Announces review to Eclipse community
  • Moderates review conference call (if call takes place)
  • Determines outcome of review
  • Communicates outcome of review to participants and Eclipse community

Tools for Galileo

Bug Status

See this Galileo status page for an example.

Current Release Information for Galileo

  • Release date: June 24
  • Review date: June 10
  • Review period: June 3 through June 9
  • Deadline for submitting review docuware: May 29
  • Deadline for submitting IP Log: May 29

Review Prep Status

List of Eclipse Simultaneous Releases

2009 Galileo Simultaneous Release
2008 Ganymede Simultaneous Release
2007 Europa Simultaneous Release
2006 Callisto Simultaneous Release

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