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(List of Eclipse Simultaneous Releases)
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[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Galileo Galileo Simultaneous Release]<br>
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Galileo Galileo Simultaneous Release]<br>
Ganymede Simultaneous Release<br>
Ganymede Simultaneous Release<br>
Europa Simultaneous Release<br>
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Europa_Simultaneous_Release Europa Simultaneous Release]<br>
Callisto Simultaneous Release<br>
Callisto Simultaneous Release<br>

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Please note that this page is under construction. Please email Anne with any questions.

Eclipse Simultaneous Release: What the EMO Does

For Galileo, EMO = Wayne and Anne

Organizes Release Logistics

  • Determines timeline for Release activities
  • Creates list of participating projects
  • Chooses and announces the review date
  • Chooses and announces docuware submission date
  • Determines if each project has met the criteria for participation in the Simultaneous Release
  • Reviews draft docuware and works with project teams to finalize
  • Assembles individual project docuware into a single Simultaneous Release docuware file

Coordinates with the IP Team

  • IP logs
  • About files

Tracks Bug Status

See this Galileo status page for an example.

List of Eclipse Simultaneous Releases

Galileo Simultaneous Release
Ganymede Simultaneous Release
Europa Simultaneous Release
Callisto Simultaneous Release