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Sharing a Project (Buckminster)

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What is this scenario about?

Harry, a developer has created a project called Hello XML World. The developer Tom wants to help with the development, and asks Harry how to set up the project. This scenario shows how Harry sets up the project manually, and then how the same is aceheived using Buckminster.

An empty workspace

Tom starts Eclipse with an empty workspace. http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/pub/demo/snapshots/empty_workspace.jpg

Getting the source

Harry tells Tom that the source is in CVS, and that a CVS Team Project Set file is available to aid in setting this up. Tom runs the wizard that imports a Team Project Set. http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/pub/demo/snapshots/pfs-wizard.jpg

Getting the source is not enough

When source access has been configured, Eclipse builds the project. As you can see there are errors. http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/pub/demo/snapshots/broken_workspace.jpg

Hey, Harry, this thing does not build!

Harry had forgot to give Tom all the details on how to set up the project. Since Harry (for good reasons) does not want to check in binaries from other sources, he now tells Tom to fetch the missing component from Ibiblio. He instructs Tom where to place it in the project, and that Harry also must remove the version information in the file name as manifest otherwise has to be changed for every revision of the used compoment. Tom agrees that this makes sense and performs the two steps.

Fetching from Ibiblio: http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/pub/demo/snapshots/create_jars_folder.jpg

Renaming the file: http://www.eclipse.org/buckminster/pub/demo/snapshots/fetch_and_strip_version_from_ibiblio.jpg