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[[Servus_Status | Development Status, Features and Limitations]]
[https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=EMFT Report a bug]
[https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=EMFT Report a bug]

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The main focus of the Servus component is to allow developers to design and evolve Web Services (WS) using Ecore based models, by providing mappings between those models and Web Services artefacts, such as WSDL descriptions, WS client stubs and WS server skeletons. Read the proposal for a full description of the project scope and look at the Documentation section for additional information.

New & Noteworthy

Current Tasks

  • 07/2008 - currently implementing JAX-WS code generation. At the same time, I am refining the specification of the Servus Model Annotations.
  • 06/2008 - WSDL version 1 to Ecore mapping is completed, but some features are still missing (WSDL validation, model cleanup, model wrapping and extensive tests); the implementation will now focus on using the generated models to generate code and go back to WSDL, so that the semantics of the service models can be better validated.
  • 05/2008 - implementing WSDL version 1 to Ecore mappings.
  • 04/2008 - creating infrastructure and committing POC to CVS.



Servus Component Proposal




Plug-in Architecture

Servus Model Annotation Reference

WSDLv1 Mappings


Development Status, Features and Limitations

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Thiago Tonelli Bartolomei, Project Lead