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  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Marcel Gorri (Eldorado)
  • Daniel Pastore (Eldorado)


  • Project Status
    • Helios SR2
      • The recent P2 update for SR2 RC2 caused a break with Pulsar SDK discovery because Pulsar was using a private API. This has been fixed in P2 and pushed back.
      • The Pulsar package is complete, tested, and ready to go out with the update. This should be the final build unless some exception occurs.
    • Indigo milestones
  • Pulsar handoff
    • Eric is continuing to have a discussion with Ian Skerrett on this, but it appears that there will not be anyone taking up the task of maintaining Pulsar EPP.
  • Events
    • EclipseCon
    • PluginFest
  • Technical issues
    • Localization Editor
    • Interactions with Babel
  • Google SoC
  • Migration to Tools project

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 14 March 2011

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