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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Search CVS]]
* [ Modeling database schema]
* [ Modeling database schema]

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So you want to implement Search CVS, generate your Release Notes from that database, and provide a ticker listing builds released on your homepage?

Well, here's how to do that.

Setup Search CVS Tool

Read this: Search CVS Setup. You might also like the database schema.

That'll get you a database with search CVS data, but no releases (an empty table). To get Release data, you need to publish RSS feeds for your project(s).

Ensure Regular Updates

The second part is to ensure that updates are done regularly. I've got a cron running that looks like this:

00 04,20 * * * /shared/modeling/searchcvs/ 2>&1 1> /shared/modeling/searchcvs/parsecvs_cron.log.txt

Updating the entire database takes about two hours for the projects listed in the script.

Restricted Access (Read-Write)

  • A web interface to kick an update to the database (as used in the above script). This isn't restricted yet since too many updates don't cause any problems except to slow down those updates.
  • A web interface to allow authorized users to remove a release from the releases table. The removed release must ALSO be removed manually from the RSS feed or it will be added back after the next database refresh. In theory, this tool should never be needed.

Public Web Access (Read-Only)

Accessing the database is done in several ways:

Additionally, the database has been extended to include data for these applications:

See Also

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