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Scripting in ICE using EASE


Scripting ability from the console is now availiable in ICE thanks to Eclipse EASE integration. EASE makes it possible to encapsulate the core services in ice and use them through Javascript and Jython commands. EASE comes with several pre-loaded modules to allow for accessing the services, file IO, simple graphing, and more. We will focus on using the Platform module to access the core services in ICE.

Getting Setup

To open the shell (if you want to use scripting dynamically in ICE), go to Window in the top toolbar, select Show View -> Other...
A window will appear to select the specific view we need. Scroll down until you see a folder called Scripting. Inside that select Script Shell and click OK (it should look like the picture below). The new view will appear at the bottom of your screen.

A picture showing the script shell selection view described above
The script shell view to select

If you want to use Python integration via Jython, then the next step is to install the Jython tools for EASE. Go to Help in the top toolbar and select Install EASE Components. A window will open displaying the available components to install. Check the box next to EASE Jython Integration and then select Finish. The Jython interpreter and shell will be installed into ICE.

A picture showing the installer for the EASE Jython tools
Jython EASE Integration

Using the Core and Client Services

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