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Screen Captures over IM

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It's now possiExample.jpgble to create screen captures, and send them to people on your ECF contacts list.

To Install

  • Install Eclipse 3.3 or newer (3.4M*).
  • Get a recent ECF daily build from ECF Daily Downloads. You should get be the ECF sdk, and be sure it is a build after 1/4/2008...i.e. org.eclipse.ecf.sdk-20080104*.zip. We will soon be creating an update site with the recent builds.
  • If you want to use Skype, get a recent (after 1/4/2008) ECF Skype support plugin from the daily build section of ECF Extras Downloads.

To Use

  • Connect to some XMPP/Google Talk or Skype account.
  • In your Contacts list, right click on a person that is also using ECF for their client and select Send Screen Capture. For example, to initiate a screen capture to mcginley:



You will then see the following message box:



Then, after clicking on "Send to ..." button, and waiting 5 seconds (you may set up the screen in any way that you like during those 5 seconds) the cursor will change to a '+' and you can select any region of the screen. Once selected, a dialog will show you the region you selected before sending to the receiver:



And then sent to the receiver, who will see something like the following appear:


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