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Scout Updatesites


Repository URL Description
Release Contains all Scout releases (Latest version is Scout 3.9.1)
Scout 4.0 Milestones for Scout 4.0
Scout 3.10 Milestones for Scout 3.10
Scout 3.9 Release and service releases for Scout 3.9
Scout 3.8 Release and service releases for Scout 3.8
Scout 3.7 Release and service releases for Scout 3.7


Repository URL Description
Nightly Nightly build for Scout 4.0 (current: 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 3.10 Nightly build for Scout 3.10 (current: 3.10.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 3.9 Nightly build for Scout 3.9 (current: 3.9.2-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 3.8 Nightly build for Scout 3.8 (current: 3.8.3-SNAPSHOT)

Simultaneous Release Updatesites

Scout is included in the updatesites of the Simultaneous Release since Indigo.

Repository URL Description
Luna Contains Scout Version 3.10 (not released yet)
Kepler Contains Scout Version 3.9 (latest release)
Juno Contains Scout Version 3.8 (previous release)
Indigo Contains Scout Version 3.7