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#REDIRECT [[Scout/Tutorial/3.7]]
#REDIRECT [[Scout/Tutorial/3.7]]
== Eclipse Scout Tutorials ==
{{note|{{ScoutLink|Tutorial|3.7/HelloWorld|name=Get started with a simple 'Hello World'}}|New to Eclipse Scout? Get started by creating a simple hello world application.}}
{{note|{{ScoutLink|Tutorial|3.7/Minicrm Step-by-Step|name=Create a Scout application}}|This is a step-by-step tutorial to learn about the main principles of Scout.<br/>In the course of this tutorial you will develop a simple client-server application with some pages and forms.}}
{{note|{{ScoutLink|Tutorial|3.7/IMAP Step-by-Step|name=Integrate IMAP into your Scout application}}|Learn how to integrate IMAP into your Scout application to access your mailbox.}}
{{note|{{ScoutLink|Tutorial|3.7/Deploy to Tomcat|name=Deploy a Scout application}}|Learn how to deploy a Scout application to Tomcat application server.}}
{{note|{{ScoutLink|Tutorial|3.7/Webservices with JAX-WS|name=Webservices with JAX-WS}}|Learn how to integrate JAX-WS into your Scout application by creating a webservice consumer and provider.}}
==See Also==
* [[:Category:Scout_Releases|Tutorials for other releases]]
* [[:Category:Scout_Tutorial|All Tutorial pages]]
* {{ScoutLink|Overview|Screencasts|All Eclipse Scout Screencasts}}

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