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Revision as of 10:45, 14 February 2013 by Oliver.schmid.bsi-software.com (Talk | contribs) (Patches and contributions to Bugzilla Tickets)

Oli has been working on projects which use scout for more than 10 years and therefore knows the code base very well. He worked on customer projects with scout before it became an eclipse project. he did a lot of contributions to scout before it was an eclipse project.

Patches and contributions to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 399051 SWT: Performance issue in computeSize for TextFields with auto wrapped
  • 396847 SWT: Mandatory columns in mutable table not supported
  • 400293 SWT Tooltip on tables do not consider dynamic column order
  • 396848 Validation on mutable tables
  • 396845 SWT: Max. row height should be configurable in multiline text tables
  • 354383 Property values used in AbstractSMTPService createSession need to be String instead of the generic Hashtable type Object
  • 355485 Label of navigation tree node is changing while moving columns in the data list
  • 361569 Using AlwaysIncludeSortAtBegin or AlwaysIncludeSortAtEnd flag on a column enforces setting the sortIndex to take effect on the sort order.
  • 373076 Possible NullPointerException when switching views very fast
  • 352599 SWT: Summary value containing line breaks do not show up with the whole text on tree nodes
  • 354818 SWT: Row icon is been moved with the first column while moving column in data list
  • 361616 SWT: Columheader menu Reset columns --> Sort is not removing the triangle in the columnheader
  • 378826 SWT: Disposing display can cause Deadlock while all waiting jobs are processed.
  • 396844 Line Breaks in mutable tables
  • 395717 JAX-WS Scout & JBoss AS 7
  • 400065 Setprefetch size of jdbc driver dynamically up for large resultsets
  • 400817 SWT: SwtScoutHtmlField in SwtScoutGroupBox with border decoration "section" freezes the GUI

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki



  • GUI tables (primarily SWT tables)
  • Performance optimization with big data sets
  • Interoperability with Windows® office suite

Other contributions