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Scout/Scout Nomination NBU

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • bug 410976: getConfiguredAutoTimeMillis() on Date-Field does not work
  • bug 374164: Clickable links in string fields
  • bug 392030: Navigation History overriden when jump to node with same name but other path
  • bug 415332: Reseting column preferences when remove or edit dynamic column after bookmark set and error while cancel "organize columns"

Participated (concept, test, support)

  • bug 351265: SWT: Numberkeystrokes support only Keypad

Other contributions

  • [1] - fixed mandatory check on formfields like AbstractTableField
  • [2] - HtmlUi: Move parsing from AbstractDateField to the UI
  • [3] - New Keystrokes for new UI
  • [4] - Key Stroke fixes -> consistent naming KeyStroke in camelcase.
  • [5] - HtmlUI: New feature->change view tabs with autogenerated keystrokes ctrl+number of view.
  • [6] - renamed property for consistency
  • [7] - checking disabled nodes or rows should only be possible by model not by UI
  • [8] - Use PropertySupport for autoCheckChilds to be automatically notified if property changed.
  • [9] - fixed ui refresh after row checked
  • [10] - Fixes after refactoring movment of check logic from row to table and node to tree.
  • [11] - use same concepts to check node as to check rows in table.
  • [12] - Remove ProcessingException from RowChecked
  • [13] - ITableRow should not fire rowUpdated when row is checked because there is a event for checking a row.
  • [14] - Row click should not check the row, because a click on a row could also effect other actions

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