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Adrian has been working on projects which use scout for more than 3 years and therefore knows the codebase very well. Additionally he provided several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 351517 AbstractFileChooserField: Unescape Quotes
  • 351684 DataModelAttributeInjector: Remove = (equal), LIKE is enough
  • 359418 Bookmark Management Customization
  • 360946 Bookmarks do not save column visibility
  • 361233 Allow implementations to handle AbstractBookmarkTreeField's DnD drop requests
  • 362082 UI Preferences/Custom Columns: Custom storage implementation, Support for Bookmarks
  • 362184 NPE in BookmarkUtility, Bookmark handling for custom columns
  • 362474 NavigationHistoryService: Bookmark.getText() is different from values in Bookmark.getPath()
  • 362494 A column filter on IPageWithNodes is not reflected in the Scout outline tree
  • 363828 Improved Table Column Management
  • 368120 Table Column Reset: Reset Visibility should also reset custom columns

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Other Contributions