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This page lists the screencasts explaining how to use Eclipse Scout.



2012 scout florence presentation.png

Video Tutorials

Scout Video Tutorials are hosted on the youtube Eclipse Scout channel.

The video tutorial series below steps you through the creation of a simple client server application. The tutorial begins with starting up the Eclipse Scout package (Part 1) and ends with deploying and running the Scout application on a Tomcat webserver.

2012 scout videotutorial 1a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 1b.png

Starting up Eclipse, selecting a workspace and creating a new Scout application project

2012 scout videotutorial 2a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 2b.png

Starting the scout server application and the scout client applications from within the Scout SDK

2012 scout videotutorial 3a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 3b.png

In the Scout Explorer, add a "Hello World" form (dialog) to the Scout application

2012 scout videotutorial 4a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 4b.png

Add fields to the newly created "Hello World" form, customize field properties in the Scout Object Properties

2012 scout videotutorial 5a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 5b.png

Add the Scout server code to load and save data from the "Hello World" form

2012 scout videotutorial 6a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 6b.png

Add a button to the applications desktop to open the "Hello World" form

2012 scout videotutorial 7a.png 2012 scout videotutorial 7b.png 2012 scout videotutorial 7c.png 2012 scout videotutorial 7d.png

Export the Scout application into two WAR files. One for the Scout server including a zipped SWT client and one WAR file for the web client

See also


Videos from 2011

Scout Overview and Implementation of a Demo Application

Scout Webinar of May 17, 2011 (total running time is 39:49 )

Videos from 2010

Create a new scout project and a form

How to create a form

Eclipse Scout - How to create a form

The video shows how a new Scout project and a form can be created using the Scout SDK.

Adding fields to a form

How to create fields

Eclipse Scout - How to create fields

The video shows how to create fields on a form using the Scout SDK.

Load data into a form

How to load data

Eclipse Scout - How to load data

The video shows how to load data with a Scout Process Service.

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