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This page lists the screencasts explaining how to use Eclipse Scout.


Video Tutorials

Tutorials are hosted on the youtube Eclipse Scout channel.

  1. Create a new Scout Project (Part 1)
  2. Start a Scout Application (Part 2)
  3. Create a new Form (Part 3)
  4. Add Form Fields (Part 4)
  5. Create the Server Code (Part 5)
  6. Link the Hello World Form to the Desktop (Part 6)
  7. Deploy your Application to a Tomcat Webserver (Part 7)

See also


Videos from 2011

Scout Overview and Implementation of a Demo Application

Scout Webinar of May 17, 2011 (total running time is 39:49 )

Videos from 2010

Create a new scout project and a form

How to create a form

Eclipse Scout - How to create a form

The video shows how a new Scout project and a form can be created using the Scout SDK.

Adding fields to a form

How to create fields

Eclipse Scout - How to create fields

The video shows how to create fields on a form using the Scout SDK.

Load data into a form

How to load data

Eclipse Scout - How to load data

The video shows how to load data with a Scout Process Service.