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=== ClientNotification - SingleUserFilter ===
=== ClientNotification - SingleUserFilter ===
With {{Bug|408551}}, the default value of SingleUserFilter's <b>isMulticast</b> was changed from <b>false</b> to <b>true</b>.
With {{Bug|408551}}, the default value of SingleUserFilter's <b>isMulticast</b> was changed from <b>false</b> to <b>true</b>.
=== Menu Mnemonics for SWT ===
With {{Bug|419831}}, mnemonics for menus are working with SWT. When declaring a menu with an ampersand (e.g. "&File") the "F" character gets underlined. When pressing "alt+F", the menu will be selected.
== M4 (planned: Friday, December 20) ==
== M4 (planned: Friday, December 20) ==

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Wiki Home

This page shows what you need to know about the new Eclipse Scout 3.10 release shipped with Eclipse Luna.

M1 (Friday, August 23, 2013)

Bug Lists: 3.10.0M1, 3.9.1

Scout is using GIT flow

bug 411769

Scout is using GIT flow with 3.10 as described here. We also try to make contributions more efficient and update our documentation for committers

New french translations for ScoutTexts

bug 414392 - New ScoutTexts entries were proposed for French language (fr and fr_BE).

The only change is in the fr_BE language. Beside this one, 14 entries were added to the French language (e.g. missing translations until now). Theses translations will be used in all Scout applications deployed in French, unless the text entry is overridden in the project.

Tree Box with support for auto check of child nodes

bug 368107

AbstractTreeBox provides a new configuration method getConfiguredAutoCheckChildNodes that will cause the auto check / uncheck of all childs nodes if their parent node is checked / unchecked.

Scout SDK: Eclipse 3.6 not supported anymore

Scout SDK does not run with Eclipse 3.6 anymore. Scout Runtime is still compatible to eclipse 3.6. Please upgrade your eclipse IDE!

Scout SDK: Tooling Functionality for F2

bug 409468

F2 is a simple update manager for Eclipse or Java based applications that can be downloaded from the eclipse marketplace. Scout SDK provides a new technology checkbox to help integrating F2 into your Scout application. A tutorial is provided here.


M2 (Friday, October 04)

Rayo Look and Feel: custom XML

bug 417579 and bug 408611: There is an addition in the Scout RT Swing API allowing to provide a custom configurations for Look and Feels. This new extension point is used by Rayo: it is now possible to exchange the XML. See Use a custom XML with the Rayo Look and Feel.

Minor API Enhancements

bug 416848 ServiceTunnelServlet

bug 416862 Scheduler

Enhancement of SWT look and feel extension point

bug 407261 The Look and Feel extension point for SWT now has a new property for setting the background color of disabled fields (color.background.disabled). Setting the foreground color of disabled fields (color.forground.disabled) has already been available.


SDK: Test Suite and CBI

bug 397542 We have added the possibility to run the SDK Test suite from our maven Build. Because these tests require an UI Layer, they are not activated by default (analog to our UiTests in the RT). To activate them, run the build with the profile include-sdktest.

 mvn clean install -Pinclude-sdktest

Sidenote: for the moment we have some tests failing. This is probably due to a discrepancy between running tests from eclipse and running test from maven. We will work on this.

M3 (planned: Friday, November 15)

Service tunnel plugin

With bug bug 405353, we have introduced a new plugin: org.eclipse.scout.rt.servicetunnel

This plugin contains the classes handling the service tunnel (client-server communication) that were previously contained in the org.eclipse.scout.rt.client plugin. As a result the client plugin has a dependency on the new servicetunnel plugin. If you work with plugin based product file (every project created by the Scout SDK does) you should add the new plugin as new dependency in your client product files. The migration notes in bugzilla contained additional information that will help you to fix the depreciation warnings.

The service tunnel classes are now independent from the client. This allows, for example to reuse this bundle in the server application to do server-server instead of client-server communication.

Scout service tunnel classes.

In the client plugin you should now consider I obj.pngIClientServiceTunnel and C obj.pngClientServiceTunnel when you want to extend the service tunnel mechanism.

In the service tunnel plugin, the architecture has also evolved: HttpBackgroundJob does not exist anymore. Instead there are C obj.pngHttpBackgroundExecutable (runnable which is executed by a Job) and C obj.pngHttpBackgroundExecutor (composite which holds a Job and an HttpBackgroundExecutable together). In the service tunnel plugin, you will also find the abstract classes you can extend for you own use case (for example C obj.pngAbstractHttpServiceTunnel<T extends ISession> can be used as parent class for a ServerHttpServiceTunnel).

TablePageData Dto

bug 412752 introduced a new type of transfert object for TablePage: the TablePageData objects. Similar to FormData it contains the content of the page that comes from the server to the client. Like for the FormData the PageData is linked with the A obj.pngPageData annotation:

public class PersonTablePage extends AbstractPageWithTable<Table> {
  //... content of the page

bug 419138: in the client plugin-in, in the LoadData event (new event that replace LoadTableData) it is possible to import the pageData:

protected void execLoadData(SearchFilter filter) throws ProcessingException {
  PersonSearchFormData formData = (PersonSearchFormData) filter.getFormData();
  if (formData == null) {
    formData = new PersonSearchFormData();
  PersonTablePageData pageData = SERVICES.getService(IStandardOutlineService.class).getPersonTableData(formData);

bug 419140: the SQL Support of Scout also offer support to select into TablePage data. For example:

SQL.selectInto("SELECT person_nr, last_name, first_name FROM person INTO :{personNr}, :{lastName}, :{firstName}", pageData);

For your table field, if you decide to switch your TableData from array based table data to bean based table data, the SQL support provides you the same possibilites (holder, input bind, output bind, filter...).

bug 418997: the SDK was modified to take care of this modification. When a new Table page is generated, the SDK can also generate the corresponding TablePageData.

ClientNotification - SingleUserFilter

With bug 408551, the default value of SingleUserFilter's isMulticast was changed from false to true.

Menu Mnemonics for SWT

With bug 419831, mnemonics for menus are working with SWT. When declaring a menu with an ampersand (e.g. "&File") the "F" character gets underlined. When pressing "alt+F", the menu will be selected.

M4 (planned: Friday, December 20)

M5 (planned: Friday, February 07, 2014)

M6 (planned: Friday, March 22)

M7 (planned: Friday, May 10)

RC1 (planned: Friday, May 24)

RC2 (planned: Friday, May 31)

RC3 (planned: Friday, June 07)

RC4 (planned: Friday, June 14)

Bugfixes Overview

The following list shows all bugs which have been fixed for this release. The list also contains all new enhancements.

Migration Guidelines

Some features and bugfixes sometimes require a change of the API. If this has been the case for the new release then you'll find behind the link below a guideline how to migrate your scout application to the newest release.

Migration Guidelines for 3.10

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