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Scout/HowTo/3.8/Install Scout SDK

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Installing Scout SDK is really easy.

Install Eclipse with Scout SDK

Visit the Eclipse Download-page to get Eclipse for Scout Developers.

InstallScout devDownloads.png

JRE 1.6 required
Eclipse for Scout Developers requires Java 6 or greater. If there is no Scout perspective you probably need to install an appropriate JDK.
If you have multiple JREs installed and want to be sure the right one is used start Eclipse Scout using the -vm command line argument and specifying the path to the executable. E.g.: eclipse -vm c:\path_to_the_jre\bin\java.exe

Add the Scout SDK to your Eclipse installation

These instructions assume that you have Eclipse installed already.

To add Scout SDK to your existing Eclipse installation, you need to open eclipse and select Help|Install New Software...

UpdateSite step1.PNG

Use [] in the dialog that shows up and select Scout Application Development

Select Scout Application Development

When expanded, the Scout Application Development node looks as follows:

Select Scout Application Development drill down

Hit next twice and restart Eclipse. You are ready to use the Scout Perspective.

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