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Scout/HowTo/3.8/Exchange Default Images

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When creating a new scout application you will notice that some fields and buttons use icons. There is also an info dialog which shows the application logo. This howto shows how these default icons can be exchanged.

Where are the images?

The default images are located in the plugin org.eclipse.scout.rt.client in the folder resources/icons. The application specific icons are located in the application's client plugin.

How can I exchange the images?

To exchange an image you can simply put your image in the folder resources/icons of your client plugin an name id like the image you would like to exchange. The application logo for instance is named application_logo_large.png. So you only need to name your logo the same and that's it.

How is that implemented?

Scout uses the org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.services.common.icon.IIconProviderService respectively the org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.IIconLocator to find and load an image.