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Scout/HowTo/3.7/Create a Process Service

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A popular use of a process service is to access data on a database. Assuming a typical dialog, here's what we need:

  1. create a new item(insert)
  2. load an existing item (select)
  3. update an existing item (update)
  4. delete an existing item (delete)

Create a new process service on the server in the folder Process Services. In our example, we'll call it SubAgreementProcessService. If you've already created a form to go along with it, make sure you indicate SubAgreementFormData.

This automatically creates the following ISubAgreementProcessService for you:

 public interface ISubAgreementProcessService extends IService{
   SubAgreementFormData create(SubAgreementFormData formData) throws ProcessingException;
   SubAgreementFormData load(SubAgreementFormData formData) throws ProcessingException;
   SubAgreementFormData prepareCreate(SubAgreementFormData formData) throws ProcessingException;
   SubAgreementFormData store(SubAgreementFormData formData) throws ProcessingException;

The appropriate class is also created for you. Edit SubAgreementProcessService and replace all instances of "TODO business logic here" with the real thing. :)