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Under construction
A lot of the applications mentioned here are currently under construction (for example made for older scout versions...). We are working on refactoring them (single Git Repository, build with CBI, direct download from binaries).


Small Demo Application (client-side only) that displays the common scout fields.

  • Jenkins job at CloudBees: here
  • Local build result location:
    • Swing (rayo): {git_repository}/widgets/org.eclipsescout.demo.widgets.ui.swing.rayo.product/target/widgets.zip
    • Swing (nimbus): {git_repository}/widgets/org.eclipsescout.demo.widgets.ui.swing.product/target/widgets.zip
    • Swt: {git_repository}/widgets/org.eclipsescout.demo.widgets.ui.swt.product/target/widgets.zip
    • RAP: {git_repository}/widgets/org.eclipsescout.demo.widgets.ui.rap.product/target/widgets.war (in einen Tomcat deployen)


Result of the MiniCRM step-by-step tutorial.

Path in repository: /minicrm directory (see on GitHub)

Scout.3.9.minicrm.reorganize the tree.client swt.png

Bahbah Chat Application

Presented at EclipseCon and EclipseCon Europe in 2012. More information in this blog article about BahBahChat

Repository: http://github.com/BSI-Business-Systems-Integration-AG/org.eclipsescout.demo/tree/3.8/bahbah


Minifig Application

The minifig Application was created for EclipseCon 2013, to illustrate how Scout Applications could be tested. It is a small client-server application, using SmartField and ImageField

3 testing possibilities are illustrated:

  • Plain JUnit tests
  • JUnit test with a Scout context
  • UI-Test using Jubula

The application is build with maven and tycho. Tests are executed using the Scout test runner.

Scout Minifigcreator.png


iBug Application

The iBug application displays the most recent Bugzilla bugs in the UI. The primary goal of this application is to demonstrate the Scout mobile support coming with the Kepler release. As secondary goal it can be used to show the TableField.

Ibug screeshot.png


  • Blog post: TBD
  • Sources on GitHub: iBug

Git Repository


The project is hosted on GitHub: scout demo project page.


Different git branches allow the possibility to work simultaneously on different Eclipse Scout versions with different Eclipse Runtime Versions:

  • master: Luna - Scout 3.10 with Eclipse 4.3 (TODO: will be Eclipse 4.4)
  • 3.9: Kepler - Scout 3.9 with Eclipse 4.3
  • 3.8: Juno - Scout 3.8 with Eclipse 4.2


The idea of the structure is to mutalize some commons parts (CBI Build, configuration files). This is a proposal:

Git Repository: org.eclipsescout.demo
+---pom.xml (root pom, has [1.1] as maven module).
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.master     <-- [1] preferences, version, plugin management...
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.parent     <-- [1.1] extends [1] und has {[1.2], [1.3], [2], [3], [4]} as module (aggregation)
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.repository <-- [1.2] p2 update site
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.settings   <-- .prefs files for demo projects
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.target     <-- [1.3] Target Plattform for all projects.
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.webapp     <-- Template for building the .war
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.parent <-- aggregation for bahbah
|   |   \---pom.xml <-- [2] extends [1]
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.client
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.security
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.server
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.shared
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.ui.rap
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.ui.swing
|   \---org.eclipsescout.demo.bahbah.ui.swt
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.parent <-- aggregation for jaxws
|   |   \---pom.xml <-- [3] extends [1]
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.client
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.database
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.server
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.shared
|   +---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.ui.swing
|   \---org.eclipsescout.demo.jaxws.ui.swt
    +---org.eclipsescout.demo.widgets.parent <-- aggregation for widget
    |   \---pom.xml <-- [4] extends [1]


Line Endings

We want to have Unix Line endings in the repository. Try to configure your Git client (EGit, GitExtensions, Git Bash...) in order to rewrite the windows line endings to Unix line endings on commit.