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Scout/Contributions Cloning Scout Manually

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How to clone Scout repositories manually is shown here:

GIT Repositories

All Eclipse Scout Git repositories are listed under

maven-master.git                  // used for general properties and profiles for scout repositories
oomph.git                         // used to simplify setup for scout demo applications
org.eclipse.scout-aggregator.git  // used for building and aggregation (p2 repositories) and deployment
org.eclipse.scout.rt.git          // Scout Runtime
org.eclipse.scout.sdk.git         // Scout Tooling
scout.rt.incubator.git            // Scout Incubation Components (currently only runtime)

You need to clone all repositories that you need for your daily work. In most cases this will be the org.eclipse.scout.rt.git and maybe the org.eclipse.scout.sdk.git repository.

Because we are using Gerrit for code review, you need to setup this as well.

Clone Git repositories

Here is a step-by-step guide how to clone a repository. We use Scout RT as an example:

In your Eclipse IDE click on Windows -> Open Perspective -> Others... and select Git Repository Exploring. In the GIT perspective, click on Clone a Git repository and select URI as a repository source in the next dialog. GitContribution.02.clone.git.perspective.png

For the Scout RT repository we use the GIT protocol:


The GIT url is listed under Clone on the webpage of the repository: Since we are interested in the develop and release/3.9.1 (Kepler SR1) branches, we only select these two branches.

GitContribution CloneGitRepoUrl.jpg

The Scout RT GIT repository will be cloned to a local destination. Choose C:\Users\<username>\git\<repositoryName>. Choose develop as the initial branch and enter origin to reference the remote GIT repository. Finally, click on Finish to clone the Scout RT repository.


Import Plugins Projects into Workspace

The sources are not stored in your workspace. You may create multiple workspaces for different purposes and use the sources stored in the local git repository. You most probably need one workspace for scout.rt and import all runtime plugins.

Double-click on the cloned repository org.eclipse.scout.rt and right-click on the Working Directory and select Import Projects.... Import Existing Projects and select all plugins. Click on Finish to start the import process.

GitContributionStep2.01.import.into.workspace.png GitContributionStep2.02.import.into.workspace.wizard.png

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