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Specific type of value field to use a Smart association (with CodeType or LookupCall).

  • implements: I obj.pngISmartField<T>
  • extends: C obj.pngAbstractSmartField<T>


A SmartField gives a selection of available values to the client. The field gets his contents from a CodeType or a LookupCall.

If the client doesn't write something into the SmartField, it will show all available values. (Lookup-Service Statement <all></all>)

If the client write text into the field, it will show all values, which starts with this text. (Lookup-Service Statement <text></text>)
Wildcards like *, % or _ are also possible to write into the SmartField.

The functions:

  • setValue(value)
  • getValue()

use the key of the CodeType or the LookupCall. (Lookup-Service Statement <key></key>)


Type RAP SWT Swing Swing Rayo
Without values Scout 3.8 SmartField all RAP.png Scout 3.8 SmartField all SWT.png Scout 3.8 SmartField all Swing.png Scout 3.8 SmartField all Swing Rayo.png
With text Scout 3.8 SmartField text RAP.png Scout 3.8 SmartField text SWT.png Scout 3.8 SmartField text Swing.png Scout 3.8 SmartField text Swing Rayo.png
With text and wildcard Scout 3.8 SmartField wildcard RAP.png Scout 3.8 SmartField wildcard SWT.png Scout 3.8 SmartField wildcard Swing.png Scout 3.8 SmartField wildcard Swing Rayo.png


Defined with getConfiguredXxxxxx() methods.

See also the Field and the Value field pages for the properties that all fields have in common.

BrowseHierarchy: overwrites the property of IsHierarchy of the CodeType. If true the CodeType will be displayed as a tree, if false it will be displayed as a list.


Defined with execXxxxxx() methods.

See also the Field and the Value field pages for the events that all fields have in common.

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