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Scout/Concepts/Outline based application

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"Outline based application" is a type of application that can be chosen during the creation of a new scout project. Basically the main window of the application displays outlines and their page tree.

Depending on the operating system and the UI plug-in, the main window looks slightly different. It contains:

  • A menu bar.
  • A bar to select the outlines (with OutlineViewButtons).
  • An area that displays the page tree of the active outline.
  • An area that displays the content of the selected page.
    • If the active page is a TablePage the content will be defined by the table of this page.
    • If the active page is a NodePage the content will be the list of the child-pages.
  • The search form associated to the active page.

It is possible to store and to jump to a specific position with bookmarks.


The main window of a Scout Outline based application on a Mac operating system:

Scout MainWindow.png


Here are the main parts of the window and how they are linked together:

Scout Outline Concepts.png

The Outlines are represented on top of the main window. The pages of the active outline are shown as tree on the left hand side. This outline contains three pages at the root level. Each page can contain one or more child pages, building a tree of pages displayed in a TreeBox field.

The selected page (a table page in this case) is displayed on the right of the main window. A search form is attached to this page.

Scout Client Concepts.png

The SearchForm allows to limit the content loaded in the page. In the Table of the page, a Context Menu allows to execute some actions on the row: typically create, modify and delete operations. To create or modify the data, a Form can be used.

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