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The Concepts pages define concepts and elements used in the Eclipse Scout Framework.


Scout provides a generic layout on any composite fields as:

The layout is mainly related to a grid layout with some additional features as weight related resize behavior and some optimizations reducing the used space. There are currently a horizontal and a vertical implementation of the grid layout.

Layout properties

Groupbox Properties

The following group box properties affect the layout of the container. So the fields in the container getting layouted respecting the properties.

Config method Meaning Default value
getConfiguredBodyGrid The layout orientation vertical vs. horizontal. Scout provides two layout strategies:
  • Vertical(VerticalSmartGroupBoxBodyGrid) The fields are placed column first in the grid. (Field01 [x0,y0]; Field02 [x0,y1]...)
  • Horizontal (HorizontalGroupBoxBodyGrid) The fields are placed row first in the grid. (Field01 [x0,y0]; Field02 [x1,y0]...)
getConfiguredColumnCount Column count of the layout where child fields are placed in respective to their layout data. -1 Will be replaced with either the parent groupbox column count or if any of the parent group boxes has a grid column count 2.

Form Field Properties

The form field properties define how a certain form field has to be layout in its container.

Config method Meaning
getConfiguredGridX desc
getConfiguredGridY desc
getConfiguredGridW desc
getConfiguredGridH desc
getConfiguredGridWeightX desc
getConfiguredGridWeightY desc
getConfiguredGridUseUiWidth desc
getConfiguredGridUseUiHeight desc

Layout Inspector

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