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Scout/Concepts/GetConfigured Methods

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Properties can be configured on a lot of elements (Page, Form, Fields, Table, Columns ...). Scout SDK with the Object Properties View offers a manner to configure theses properties very quickly.

In the code, a property is defined with special getter functions:

  protected ... getConfiguredXxxxxxx() {
    return /*the value of the property*/;

The Scout framework reads the configured properties during the initialization, and adapts the behavior of the object depending to its configuration. The getXxxxxxx() function should only return a constant. It is not expected to find an if-statement or call to another private or public method.

Often the properties can also be set dynamically with the corresponding setter [setXxxxxxx()]. To access the properties you can use the getter [getXxxxxxx()]. There should be no need to call getConfiguredXxxxxxx() function directly.

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