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* [ ChemClipse]  
* [ ChemClipse]  
** ChemClipse Release Version: ''TBD''
** ChemClipse Release Version: 0.7.0
** ChemClipse IP, release review and other requirements: ''TBD''
** ChemClipse IP, release review:
*** [ ChemClipse]
*** [ Apache Commons Math 3.5.0] []
*** [ ConcurrentLinkedHashMap 1.4.0] []
*** [ EJML 0.27.0] []
*** [ Javassist 3.19.0] []
*** [ jna-platform-4.1.0.jar Version: 4.1.0 (PB CQ 9292)] []
*** [ JSR305 1.3.9] []
*** [ OrientDB 2.0.9] []
*** [ SWTChart 0.9.0 (PB CQ 8009)] []
*** [ SWTXYGraph 2.1.0] []
*** [ Snappy Java (Xerial) 1.1.16 *SUBSET*] []
*** [ Maven repository for IP-approved libraries/artifacts]
*** [  Process for managing/providing IP-approved Maven artifacts]
** ChemClipse IP, other requirements:
*** Discuss how we can migrate our data import converters to Eclipse. Reading various data formats is essential for the ChemClipse project.
* [ EAVP]
* [ EAVP]
** EAVP Release Version: ''TBD''
** EAVP Release Version: ''TBD''

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  • October 21, 2016: The Science/Industry Working Group 2016 Q3 release

Next Action Items

  • Update the list of projects below
  • For each participating project, list the CQs


Based on March 16, 2016 email from Jay Jay Billings

At our March, 2016 Annual meeting in Reston, we decided that we would have a release of a subset of Science Working Group Projects.

The release will be called The Science 2016 Q3 Release.

This is similar to the the simultaneous release for Eclipse Eclipse. Each participating project would release their work at the same time as a separate release. Eventually, we might create a workbench that would combine projects, but that is out of scope for October, 2016.

This "release" will be a coordinated release in which all participating projects. If possible, each participating project will release on Neon.

Todo items:

  1. prepare a working version of their product that can be dubbed release X.Y.Z.
  2. complete all IP (See the IP team's work queue), Release Review and other Foundation requirements.
  3. all artifacts for participating projects are released at the individual project sites and through links at
  4. do whatever else Wayne Beaton says we have to do. ;-)

Participating projects

  • Todo:
    • Please add or remove your project here (in alphabetical order)
    • Linking to Eclipse Wiki pages and GitHub or Bugzilla issues is preferred.
    • Each project should consider
      • determining a release name (0.1?) (See below)
      • Collecting up IP issues, perhaps in a GitHub or Bugzilla issue
      • When ready, asking for release review.

Having a project listed here is a commitment to consider the possibility of releasing at the same time. Listing a project as part of the release need not be considered cast in stone.

Release Versions

Eclipse has guidelines about Release Version Naming:

Releases and IP CQs says:

"Interim Releases. Incubation Phase projects may make releases. All major and minor releases must go through a Release Review."

Release Review says:

"Intellectual Property"

"Before you can consider a Release Review, all of the relevant CQs must be approved by the Eclipse Legal team. We cannot schedule a Review before the Legal team has completed their work. If you are waiting for CQs, please review where your CQs are, and when they are scheduled to be reviewed, in the IP team work queue."

On March 21, 2016, Wayne Beaton described the release process for projects in incubation:

"Projects can do releases while in incubation."

"All CQs for code/libraries that are included in the release bits must be closed/approved by the IP Team prior to the release."

"In the time leading up to the release, you can and should distribute milestone builds that includes code/libraries that the IP team has granted checkin approval for. These are not official releases, and should be annotated as such (e.g. 0.7M2)."

"I recommend that the Science Working Group make a master list of all the open CQs that are required for the coordinated autumn release that we can present to the IP Team along with your last question. This should be a relatively easy query if we have a list of participating projects. Giving the IP Team a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished is the best way of getting that question answered."

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