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(Alphabetical List of Open Source RCP Projects)
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* [http://openmasp.hswt.de openMASP] - Chemistry
* [http://openmasp.hswt.de openMASP] - Chemistry
* [http://udig.refractions.net uDig] - Geology
* [http://udig.refractions.net uDig] - Geology
* [http://www.eclipse.org/stem STEM] - Epidemiology
== Alphabetical List of Proprietary RCP Projects ==
== Alphabetical List of Proprietary RCP Projects ==

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Open Source Initiative for Scientific Development Tools


Several universities, research facilities and companies still use and develop Eclipse RCP applications to solve problems within a certain scientific scope. This page shall give an overview of existing applications. Moreover, it demonstrates that Eclipse applications are well suited for the needs of scientific research both in non-commercial/educational and commercial context. Hence, the intention is to enable a vivid scientific community within the Eclipse Foundation. The goals of such a working group and community are the following:

  • To provide an infrastructure for interoparibility between various scientific applications
  • To prevent reinventing the wheel over and over again
  • To enable an interdisciplinary research and development
  • To solve problems as a community and hence to lower the costs of development
  • To inspire students and scientists to use and utilize open source software
  • To help industrial partners to get better products

Organization and Contact

For more information, please contact:

  • Philip Wenig "philip (dot) wenig (at) openchrom (dot) net"
  • Ralph Müller "ralph (dot) mueller (at) eclipse (dot) org"

Alphabetical List of Open Source RCP Projects

Alphabetical List of Proprietary RCP Projects

Nonbinding List of Interested Partners