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[[Image:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-1.png|200px]]  [[Image:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-2.png|200px]]
[[Image:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-1.png|200px]]  [[Image:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-2.png|200px]]
[[File:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-1.png|thumb|200px|alt=Editor for weblogic.xml configuration file.|Editor for weblogic.xml configuration file.]]
[[Image:Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-1.png|thumb|200px|Editor for weblogic.xml configuration file.]]

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This page showcases how Sapphire is used. If you are an adopter, tell the world about your organization and how you use Sapphire. You can include screen captures if you'd like. You can include references and links to commercial sites and products, but please keep overtly commercial messages off this page.


Oracle uses Sapphire in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) to build editors for a variety of XML configuration files for products such as WebLogic Server, Coherence and ADF. Increasingly, Sapphire is also used to build wizards, dialogs, property pages and other forms.

Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-1.png Sapphire-Adopters-Oracle-2.png

Editor for weblogic.xml configuration file.

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